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If you're here uninvited (and chances are you are) then let me welcome you..Oh & feel free to scroll away..stalk away..either way!

It’s true, I used to miss you before
But I don’t anymore
I used to let that shit be known
Bump to that same old record all night long
But I’m older now, not a lot wiser but I’m working hard now
And I don’t know how much help you’d be if you were around
Truth is, I don’t long for an us now
Night time flies by whereas before, it felt like I was praying for sleep
I don’t got to wish no more
I just pray for ME some more
The truth is hard to fight and id be lying if I said I wouldn’t look twice if you walked by
But I don’t miss you as much anymore, do you know how rare it was for me to say that before?

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You like the parts of me you can’t touch, I love that about you.
I could say I’m falling for you, but truth is I been on a high since last Thursday and you’re the only reason why.

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Lunch break yesterday

I’m becoming numb to it.

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i will never get tired of the sky and it’s beautiful colours


I think at some point, if you haven’t yet, you’re going to learn that there are people who will just be with you out of convenience, and never for anything else. And you’re going to find out later on, because they won’t be there when you need them.

It happens to everyone, and maybe you’re even one of them. That’s just how some relationships work.

Just don’t get too attached.

(via aliofbabylon)

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