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If you're here uninvited (and chances are you are) then let me welcome you..Oh & feel free to scroll away..stalk away..either way!

Maybe you miss me
Maybe I need to slow down
Maybe I need to stop and feel
But this ship is engulfing me
And the both of us
Whatever we are
But maybe if I keep going
Far enough
For long enough
I’ll find my route home
And maybe the world has a funny way of showing people like you and me where we belong, if we belong
Maybe the world was mapped out so that we could discover one another
Maybe it’s not as big as we think it is
But rather what we make it to be
Maybe the world is the tiny fragments of hope I find in your breath
when you say ‘stay, ….take your shoes off, …come lie down’
And maybe home is your shoes lying on the floor, unattended to because it’s your house and your rules
And maybe, just maybe, we’ll never know the whole plan and our trip is in vain
But if you stick around long enough I promise you,
I won’t miss a thing and you’ll never have to miss me again

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2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up


ZodiacChic Post:Taurus

Neeeeeeeeeed to pack, heading back to london Wednesday, technically tomorrow!!!!

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