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If you're here uninvited (and chances are you are) then let me welcome you..Oh & feel free to scroll away..stalk away..either way!


Point Lobos, California
January 4, 2014

Anonymous asked: don't take this the wrong way but you're not like most Muslims. It's a compliment you're not like the ones on tv or the ones at my school. You're more westernized and also you're cute and hilarious ;)


one time in the fifth grade my friend Adam and I were headed to the playground and he was like Haroun you have no aim and I was like shut up yeah I do and he was like you throw like a girl and he threw mulch at me and I don’t know why but i chased him around the playground and threw a rock at his face and yeah turns out he was Jewish which I didn’t know when I threw the rock at his face and lol I’ll never forget my parents yelling at me that night at home telling me that I’m a Muslim and if I pick up a rock again the FBI is gonna send me to Guantanamo Bay and so yeah I haven’t picked up a rock since but anyways what im trying to say is fuck you this isn’t a compliment at all and you can keep your winky face

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